Taking a Break

Hey loves!

I took a break over the weekend and yesterday to just step away from the blogging world. I was in it all last week and I knew my brain just needed a break. It still does, but I thought I would pop in and blog just a little.

Friday we headed over to Costco and Earthfare to do a little grocery shopping…and we also stopped at Jason’s Deli to devour their salad bar.


Look, their salad bar rocks…its got all kind of stuff.

And every time we go to Earthfare, we get a cold Zevia to drink on the way back home. It’s just a thing.


Saturday I decided to spend my weekend eating clean whole foods…and that is what I did.

I started with a spinach, kale and banana smoothie and then a really good workout!

Lunch I had yogurt and almond butter with apple slices.

Then I took my sister to Forever 21 to find her a dress for homecoming.

When I got back my older sister and her husband were at the house.

While everyone else was eating hot dogs, I ate broccoli, eggs, peas, and onions topped with sauerkraut


Sunday, I started with another green smoothie


Hey y’all!

We got ready for church (I BROUGHT OUT THE BOOTS!!!) Oh yeahhhIMG_20130922_094904

Church was just so, so, so powerful Sunday. So happy I was there!


Lunch/dinner was pretty great…mostly the same at Saturday’s except no egg, but chicken!

So not a super special weekend or anything except I’m quite proud of myself eating so clean over those two days. I’m actually still doing it because I began to feel so good from all the veggies, fruits, and good proteins, no packaged crap.

I’m still drinking green smoothies and eating lighter. Except I might have had my fair share of almonds.

Anyway, you all have a great Tuesday!


  • What did you do over the weekend?
  • What’s your go-to-throw-together-in-a-bowl meal?
  • Do you ever take a break from the blog world?

Fashion, Faves, & Facts

Hey all! It’s Friday…I wish another spontaneous beach trip would happen again!

But, let’s be realistic here…not happening!

So, I’m planning on a long run today because Saturday is going to be rain FILLED! Which is not what I was hoping. Blah

Today’s post is extremely random. I found some interesting things I wanted to share and that’s all! Haha so nothing super special. I wish!


I was looking through old pictures on my computer and found my Claire’s Jewelry Style Blogging photos from Winter in 2012 and last year’s TG and XMAS albums. You don’t even know how excited I am for the weather to be cold enough to wear things like this…

Audrey.Post5Baby, It's Cold Outside3Audrey.Post12 Brown, gold, creme6

And just so you know, when I styled blogged for CJ, I had to do all my own pictures (taken mostly by my mom and sister) and model outfits…not something I usually did. It was definitely out of my comfort zone.

So I tried to mostly stand and smile:

Audrey.Post21Add something colorful3

I LOVE this sweater (still have it hehe) and I can’t wait to pull it out again as soon as it gets in the…50’s!!!!


If a running jacket has thumbholes, it immediately gets a 5 out 5 star rating!

The pink one here, is from Lululemon!


And can’t wait to pull out the scarves and vests/jackets! Two or my favorite clothing pieces in the Fall/Winter…I will pretty much stock up on them and wear them over and over again.

 meeeeeeeeme and lydz at noccululu falls

Hot chocolate and XMAS lights? Um, yes please!

But for now, I’m still wearing flip flops Sad smile


(Taken yesterday before I went to go my hair cut! Finally)



I’m loving me some clean chocolate 2 minute fudge from the Purely TwinsIMG_20130919_113025

You can check out the recipe for the fudge by clicking —>> Here!


The first bowl of chili of many more to come. We made a yummy White Chili with organic chicken broth last night. It was delish! I also made a clean/healthy Cornbread that I must make again and share the recipe because we all LOVED it. It was super moist, dense, soft, etc, etc…

^^^This box of Stevia and natural sweeteners to just experiment with, from NuNaturals! Already experimenting and can not wait to make more things! I really want to make some sort of sugar free chocolate peppermint fudge with the peppermint stevia extract!

And also, sometime in the future, look out for a giveaway! (YAY)


I don’t have bad oily skin or anything, but the way this Covergirl Oil Control Foundation (Classic Ivory) applies on my face, makes me love it so much! Its such a fave. I’ve been using is since sometime last year.

Header Narrow Small copy

I recently found out that Alabama Bloggers had a FB page, and when they let me join I have been able to find some other running/healthy living/fitness/interesting blogs in AL that I had no idea about! So this is definitely something I’m liking.

If you haven’t, see if your there’s a Blogging Network for your state or city/county! Seriously, its so supporting!


Speaking of support…you know who your biggest supporter is? GOD! He wants us to succeed, to do great things, to push through negativity and to look to him for guidance. This book written by Judy Jacobs (who I’ve been listening to since I was like 8 years old), You are Anointed For This, is so good. I love getting my Bible out while reading the book and just soaking in His word.


And I can never, ever, ever, ever, get tired of Zevia! I have yet to try all the flavors, working on that! 

I love the new Stonyfield #FightPesticides GO ORGANIC video! I have become so aware of how much stuff (yogurt, cookies, a taco at chipotle, a can of corn, an apple from the market) has horrible PESTICIDES or is GMO. The wonderful thing about Stonyfield, is that they are completely against that! So, if I’m going to eat yogurt, I’m eating Stonyfield Organic. I’m also on the lookout for: ORGANIC chicken, turkey, beef (grass fed beef thank you) and vegetables, cage free organic eggs, and trying not to eat too many boxed things unless it has minimal ingredients that I KNOW OF! Just spreading the word!

FACT: The European Union has banned over 1,300 chemicals since 1976 and the US has only banned 11

FACT: It’s estimated that 85% or more of our grocery store contains GMOs and in Europe it’s only 5%




  • Favorite Fall fashion item?
  • Have you had any soup, stew, or chili yet?
  • Did you like any of the links I listed above?

Thursday Thoughts 8/22

Good morning!

I started my day early, early and had a good ole’ protein pancake made into a pancake bowl. Yum, yum yum. One of my favorite breakfasts to have.

Yesterday morning, for some stupid reason, my link wouldn’t post up to Jenn’s WIAW post and I sat for literally two hours trying to find out how to create a backlink…which was what I was missing. What in the world is a back link and why did my post decide not have to one?

So my workout was kinda thrown out the window…but guess what, that’s okay! Don’t fret, don’t stress, it’s not the end of the world!

I ate half of a chocolate chip Quest Bar and got ready to go do some job searching. I found a place I think might be something I could do but right now, I’m deep down focused in what God has planned for me and I’m believing he will reveal it to me.

1. Ask: Ask Him to guide you.  Talk to God.  Even if you’ve never talked to Him before ever in your life (yes, talking to “air” can be weird at first), He’s pretty much the best listener.  Ask for Him to show you what to do.  Praying and talking to Him in prayer is just like building any other relationship (except God never fails us like all humans can) so it takes time.  Give it time.  First dates can be awkward but a first date can turn into a beautiful marriage and a family after many soulful conversations.

2. Seek:  Read the Bible.  If that sounds overwhelming, just start somewhere small.  Reading Mark is a great quick way to get to know Jesus’s story.  You can also listen to the audio version, which I do a LOT (when I am walking in the morning with Grace, while I clean the house, in the car, etc).  I love the New Living Translation’s audio here.

3. Knock:  Do something.  Act on the good that God puts on your heart.  When you seek Him, he will open doors you never thought possible (and some you didn’t want Him to open), but there are amazing adventures that await you.

I took this from Lara Casey’s post So don’t think I wrote that….

But I’ve read it over and over again because its just so true.

After I turned my resume in, I had to make a quick stop to Whole Foods!

I picked up some stuff like a couple of apples, So Delicious Coconut Creamer (which is divine for my coffee right now), Zevia (omg), mint chocolate chip Arctic Zero (mouth watering), and some cilantro (needed it for dinner).


I came home after a lot of driving, and coffee time it was! Which means, after coffee, we ate,and after we ate, we went for a 2 mile walk in the humidity.

Thursday Thoughts

  • If you work in a store and a customer asks about applications, don’t be rude or give off bad vibes. I went to this cute clothing store to give my resume, but long story short, I just felt like they didn’t want me there.
  • Everyone at Whole Foods is either actually healthy and all their favorite stuff is there…or people go because they think it will make them healthy eating organic teddy grahams.

  • I’ve been having so many ideas come into my head that I’m overwhelmed. Had an idea about starting my own little bakery (not in an actual building), had some ideas for Southern Weddings Mag, had some ideas about after I become a certified PT and health coach…oh my goodness just so many ideas!

  • There is actually sun shining right now…it’s been cloudy since August 11th. Oh my goodness
  • Really into trying new coffee flavors lately!
  • Been enjoying a little cream in my coffee, not something I’ve done in like 2 years
  • Everyday, I think about all the ways I can help people make healthier choices. Just want to help!

Okay, enough of my thoughts…

What are some of your Thursday Thoughts?


VLOG IN SEPTEMBER!!! Don’t Forget!